Beacon Spotlight x3 – Getting to Know the Competition

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In the third instalment of our Beacon Spotlight series, we turn our attention to the competition, against which marketer’s can measure a brand’s relative online visibility, performance and progress. Once online competitors have been identified, they can used as a target or benchmark against which digital strategies and tactics can be measured. Competitors’ web presences can also be an invaluable resource for understanding which keywords, content or channels are driving success online. After all, when it comes to digital marketing, all’s fair in love and optimization tactics. gShift has developed a few Beacons to help find, monitor and CRUSH the competition.

Discovered Competitors

gShift Discovered Competitors Beacon


Data Beacon Type – Competitive

Question Answered – Who are my real online competitors?

If you ask any marketer, they will generally be able to come up with a quick list of competitors their brand encounters in their market on a regular basis. However, if you ask them who their online competitors are the answer may not come nearly as quickly. In fact, many marketers are not sure or have a mistaken sense of who they compete with online. This is to say, which websites consistently appear when searching for keywords related to the brand’s products or services. In order to help answer this important question, gShift has developed a Beacon which analyzes a kluster of keywords, identifies domains which commonly appear in the search engine results and then scores these domains based on the number of times they appear and their average position/rank. Potential competitors are then displayed and labeled as Strong, Average or Weak. These domains can then be Followed in gShift for further analysis or Ignored if they are deemed to not be true or relevant competition. This Beacon saves immeasurable time as it enables users to automatically monitor and analyze large groups of keywords at once across multiple search engines.

Competitive Keyword Distribution

gShift Competitive Keyword Position Distribution Data Beacon

Data Beacon Type – Competititve

Question Answered – How does my brand’s total organic visibility compare to the competition?

Once the top competitors have been identified, you will undoubtedly want to understand how your brand’s web presence stacks up against the competition. This Beacon provides a quick visualization of the number of keyword positions (pieces of content) a brand maintains in Positions 1-10 (Page 1), Positions 11-30 (Pages 2-3) and Positions 31-50 (Pages 4-5) within a specified search engine. You can create multiple Beacons for multiple search engines to compare your visibility in one location vs. another or from a mobile, local or national perspective relative to the competition. Further, you can use this Beacon to monitor and recognize up and coming competitors vs. those who are falling behind, so you can know who you should be learning from.

Competitive Keyword Positions

gShift Competitive Keyword Position Data Beacon

Data Beacon Type – Competitive

Question Answered – How do my brand’s keyword positions/rankings compare to the competitions’?

Though today’s savvy marketers and SEO professionals focus on topical relevance, sometimes you still want to specifically see what rankings your brand maintains for primary individual keywords vs. the competition. The Competitive Keyword Positions Beacon enables the selection of a group of keywords and a side-by-side comparison of your Web presence’s positions within a specific search engine against up to five selected competitors. This Beacon also provides the ability to sort by Monthly Average Search Volume so you can quickly identify the keywords which are likely to drive the most traffic to your content; thereby enabling you to better focus your attention on the most appropriate keywords. You can also drill down from this Beacon to obtain more granular data on each individual keyword in terms of which content is ranking, the Top 50 search results for the keyword, rank history and related search terms you may want to follow and/or incorporate into your content marketing efforts.

Armed with these Beacons, among others, marketers will be better equipped to do battle in the digital marketing arena.

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