Aiming For Goals

Beacon Spotlight 21 – Aiming for Goals

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The end game for any digital marketing campaign should be goal conversions, where goals (as identified in Web analytics solutions) can be soft measures of content engagement like time on site / number of pages viewed / specific landing page visits or more concrete form submissions, document downloads or actual shopping cart check-outs. Diligent marketers spend ample time identifying their conversion points as a useful measure of content and campaign effectiveness. We’ve covered this topic in ample detail in our Google Analytics Goals and Conversion Guide.

One area we’ve addressed in gShift to help better organize, monitor and report on Google Analytics-driven goals, is Goal Groups, whereby your goals can be organized into whatever logical groupings you choose. A recommended configuration is to group your goals based on where they fit in your audience’s buyer’s journey from Awareness and Evaluation to Preference and Intent to Buy or as some prefer to say from Clueless and Curious to Serious and Sold. By grouping your goals together, you can start to identify which channels, content or other factors are driving the most valuable conversions for you. This is where gShift Data Beacons enter the picture to provide insights and guide action to optimize your content and campaigns.

Conversions by Channel

gShift Conversions by Channel Data Beacon

Beacon Category: Analytics

Question Answered: Which channels are delivering the most conversions on my website?

The Conversions by Channel Beacon enables you to quickly see the number of Conversions (i.e. Completed Goals from Google Analytics) in a Pie Graph organized by Channel for a specific time period (7, 30 or 90 Days).

Website Traffic by Channel

gShift Website Traffic by Channel Data BeaconBeacon Category: AnalyticsQuestion Answered: Which channels are delivering the most or least website conversions?

The Website Traffic by Channel Beacon displays website metrics grouped into channels as defined by Google Analytics. Further, the Beacon can be configured to display single or all Channels and only specific metrics (columns), as required. For example, you may choose to only display Conversions from Organic Search. This data will enable the quick determination of which channels provides the highest or lowest quality traffic in terms of engagement or conversion and which areas are to be focused on.

Website Conversion Analysis

gShift Website Conversion Analysis Data Beacon

Beacon Category: Analytics

Question Answered: Which channels are delivering website traffic which converts and in which goal groups?

This Beacon activates the power of Goal Groups mention above. Quickly display and analyze a timeline plotting selected conversions from Google Analytics organized in relevant Groups (e.g. based on Awareness, Evaluation, Intent, Decision) and broken down by Channel for the last 7, 30 or 90 Days. In other words, you can compare how many Awareness or Intent-type leads you are getting from Organic Search vs. Social Media.

On their own or in combination, you can begin to understand how well your campaigns and website are performing in terms of getting your audience through the traditional sales funnel and across the finish line. Do you have any specialized goals or tips for optimizing conversions? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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