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Over the past several weeks, gShift has been introducing the world to the #DarkFunnel, which represents the upwards of 67% (according to Sirius Decisions back in 2013) of content engagement happening outside of the traditional website on social networks, 3rd party blog sites and elsewhere. The corporate website has, for many organizations, simply become the end point in the buyer’s journey where they finally convert by filling in a form or making a purchase; in some cases conversions are even happening off-site. gShift has developed kontextURLs to combat marketers’ lack of insight into the engagement of their off-site content; to illuminate the Dark Funnel. kontextURLs enable the tracking of content both on-site and off-site, with the latter being critical to understanding total engagement and the full value of website leads. Primary components of the kontextURL solution are multi-function and multi-format Data Beacons, which enable users to define exactly how they wish to segment their reporting by Campaign, by Channel, by Content Type, by Keyword Group, by Influencer, etc. in order to be able to make actionable decisions regarding which parts of their content marketing strategy are working or not working. Users can focus on single pieces of content or multiple pieces within a campaign or which all use the same tag or tag value. With these Beacon and the data they provide in hand, marketers can optimize their campaigns to deliver the right content to the right audience via the right channels at the right time.

kontextURL Generic Data Beacon


kontextURL Generic Data Beacon - Bar Graph

kontextURL Generic Data Beacon - Pie Chart


kontextURL Generic Data Beacon - Table

Beacon Type – kontextURL

Question Answered – How is content (on-site or off-site) performing segmented by x (i.e. by campaign, by channel, by influencer, etc.)?

Use this Beacon to visualize total click and unique click data for a kontextURL or group of kontextURLs filtered by Tag or Tag Value in a Timeline, Bar Graph, Pie Graph or Tabular format for a selected Date Range. Use the Beacon Snapshot feature to capture kontextURL engagement details for reporting/presentation via a PowerPoint or other document format.

kontextURL Day/Time

kontextURL Clicks by Day/Time

Beacon Type – kontextURL

Question Answered – When is the best time to publish a piece of content by Day and Time?

This Beacon, focused on a single piece of on-site/off-site content and a specified date range, displays which days and times of day saw the most engagement.

In our next Spotlight we’ll review two more kontextURL Data Beacons designed to provide real-time insights into content performance by campaign and geography.

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