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Beacon Spotlight the 20th – Get the Data Out

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Marketing dashboards, including gShift’s, are designed to enable marketers to quickly analyze data and trends in order to take action or make tactical adjustments to their campaigns. As outlined with several previous spotlight posts, gShift has created a multitude of rich Data Beacons around keyword/content research and optimization, Website traffic analysis, online competitor discovery and analysis, and social metrics, as well as client management and activity tracking for digital agencies.

The aim of these Beacons is to provide insights along with the opportunity to drill down into the data for deeper analysis and actionable decision-making. Dashboards also provide the flexibility of being able to combine data from different topical areas under one umbrella to provide a holistic view of a campaign or larger Web presence. For example, being able to see SEO (organic search) and PPC data side-by-side, to better understand where keyword opportunities lie.

However, while dashboards are meant to act as near real-time tactical tools, there are many who also want to be able to capture a snapshot of the data for off-line analysis or to share with colleagues or superiors. SEO and Content Performance Reporting is critical for agency account managers and brand digital marketers, who are required to show trends and/or justify budgetary increases by demonstrating progress. As such, there are a few options available to gShift users who need to export and further activate their Dashboard data.

Data Beacon Snapshots

gShift Data Beacon Download

Most Beacons allow for the immediate download of the current config/data display as a JPEG image. These images can, in turn, be easily dropped into emails, MS Word, PowerPoint or other docs for quick reporting when the boss or client says she needs to see those results ASAP.

This snapshot feature also enables gShift clients to combine data from some of the standard reports available in Word format with data from gShift Beacons.

Dashboard Reporting

gShift Web Presence Overview Dashboard Report

For those who need to report on a selected set of data on a regular basis (perhaps for a specific campaign or to focus in on a specific kluster of keywords or search engine), gShift enables users to create custom dashboards, which can be downloaded in their entirety based on the current config/data display in PDF format. Image, HTML/Page and Page Break Beacons can be used to add logos or headings and adjust the layout of a Dashboard to make the PDF report more aesthetically pleasing. Further, the HTML/Page Beacon can be leveraged to incorporate notes or annotations to provide analysis and/or recommendations around the data being presented.

With upwards of 50 Beacons available, many of which can be configured multiple ways, there are virtually unlimited options for creating reports suited to your specific Content, SEO or Competitive data needs.

.CSV Data Downloads

Sometimes savvy marketers really just want to get at the raw data, so they can do some fancy slicing, dicing and analysis of their own in Excel or elsewhere. Many of the table-based Data Beacons provide the ability to download the currently configured and displayed data in .CSV format for custom manipulation. Data .CSVs can likewise be downloaded from other standard gShift reports and panels.

In all, there are several options available to access the wealth of data required to inform an effective ongoing digital strategy, whether you are doing so on your own or collaborating with a larger marketing team. Let us know if you have any favourite tips or tricks for creating effective marketing dashboards or reports.

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