Helping Digital agencies focus and retain clients

Spotlight #17 – Helping Digital Agencies Focus and Retain Clients

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As the scope of digital marketing continues to expand and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, digital agencies are being asked to do more to keep up. Many agencies are required to engage across more channels, gather and report on more data from those channels and then react more quickly as opportunities or threats arise. Account managers, in turn, are tasked with doing more for multiple clients, which is an excellent recipe for an organizational nightmare.

The gShift platform, at its core, has been designed to provide agencies with increased efficiencies in data gathering and reporting time in order to improve client retention. A recent survey of the gShift agency customer base revealed an increase of 23% in client retention and a 54% improvement in agency workflow and productivity.

As an agency, one of your biggest challenges is making sure the members of your team efficiently stay current with each of their clients and their respective digital performance. Adding to this challenge, is the speed at which changes in online authority and visibility can occur. A Google algorithm change or penalty can have a quick and dramatic effect on an organization’s web presence. As such, account manager’s need clear and quick access to warning data so they can read and react, as needed.

Web Presence Comparison

gShift Web Presence Comparison Beacon

Beacon Type – Admin

Question answered – Which clients/presences should I (an account manager) be focusing on based on KPI changes?

This Beacon provides “at a glance” or “early warning radar” metrics at a User level to help focus your client managers on hot/emerging issues or provide great context for client updates on the good work they’ve done. Further, Agency Admins can access a single Beacon to see how all clients are performing at an aggregate level or determine top/bottom performing account managers.

Many of our agency clients now view this Data Beacon as the first data they look at to start the day or refer to it as their anti-churn strategy. These metrics are great conversation/relationship builders when progress is positive and more importantly can alert your team to take action, where it’s most needed when problems arise.

The Web Presence Comparison Beacon is configurable and lists, by web presence, up to 10 variables for your at-a-glance viewing including; Visibility Score, Share of Voice, Keyword Position Distribution, Organic Website Traffic and Total Traffic for a selected date range. In addition, significant decreases or increases are flagged in red or green for easy identification. Users can then drill down into keyword, traffic or content details to diagnose/address issues or identify positive trends.

This Beacon has become a must-add to any Agency Dashboard in addition to Client Activity Tracking Beacons mentioned in a previous post.

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