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Beacon Spotlight 16 – Keeping Tabs on the Competition

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In our last post, we focused on the notion of building Smarter Dashboards around keywords, content or competition “to illuminate insights or trends in each of those specific areas.”

All brands in part and of necessity measure their digital marketing success against their competitors. Online discoverability must be gauged in relation to all of the other options available to those who are searching for products, services or answers to questions. In a digital age where content rules the day, marketers need to be able to determine what level of competition exists for their content and how they can become a primary authority in the eyes of the search engines or on social channels. This demands understanding who the true online competition is and what content they are creating. In order to paint a clear picture, data from multiple sources needs to be gathered, accessible and comparable in one place where actionable insights can be gleaned.

gShift proposes leveraging a Competitive Dashboard containing Data Beacons designed to provide the data required to identify competitors, gaps and opportunities, which will in turn dictate appropriate actions.

gShift Competitive Analysis Dashboard


This dashboard can include one of several Data Beacons including:

Discovered Competitors – Quickly identify true online competitors within organic search results for the any chosen keyword kluster and search engine.

Competitive Share of Voice – See the estimated organic traffic and/or percentage of organic traffic acquired versus up to 10 competitors for a selected group of  keywords and search engine over a specific period of time.

Competitive Visibility – Compare the gShift Visibility Score a web presence maintains for a chosen keyword kluster in a selected search engine relative to up to 10 competitors.

Competitive Keyword Position Distribution – Displays a web presence’s and its competitor’s keyword positions in the 1-10 (Page 1), 11-30 (Page 2-3) and 31-50 (Page 3-5) groupings for a specified search engine and time period in an easy to read bar graph.

Competitive Keyword Position – Highlights a web presence’s and its chosen competitors’ current positions and changes vs. a previous time period in an easy-to-read, color-coded table.

Combined these Beacons will provide a top-level view of how a web presence is performing vs. validated online competitors. From here you can drill down into the details around a group of keywords, individual pieces of content or the specific data related to competitors and how they may be outperforming you. Data you can use to adjust your strategy to defeat those competitors.

Or perhaps you have some other third-party competitive data source you prefer. This too can be incorporated into a gShift Dashboard as a custom Data Beacon. What data do you use to make these types of decisions? We’d be interested to hear.


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