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Google Analytics provides marketers with a plethora of website traffic and visitor behaviour analytics, which users are in turn able to slice and dice a myriad of different ways within the application to make data-driven decisions. gShift users likewise want to be able to view this valuable data alongside the other Web presence data they require. The gShift Dashboard and Data Beacon infrastructure

The gShift Dashboard and Data Beacon infrastructure provide the flexibility to combine and compare website traffic and behaviour, keyword positioning, competitive analysis, social metrics or even other external 3rd party data, which may be relevant to decision-making needs.

However, one Beacon, in particular, has been developed to enable users to pull out virtually any Google Analytics data they desire, further enabling some unique potential combinations. The Configurable GA Beacon effectively provides users with the ability to define the data views they require.

For instance, perhaps you want to compare how your organic efforts compare to your Google Adwords campaigns. Provided you have your Google Adwords account connected to your Google Analytics profile, you can create two Beacons side-by-side to do this powerful comparison.

Configurable Google Analytics Beacon

gShift Configurable Google Analytics Data Beacon


gShift Configurable GA Data Beacon Display

Beacon Category – Analytics

Question Answered – How are website visitors arriving at/from or behaving on my website?

The Configurable GA Data Beacon is a Premium Beacon, which enables reporting on any metrics available via the Google Analytics API including channel metrics, referral metrics, social traffic metrics or even Google Adwords campaign data (provided you have an Adwords account connected to your GA account). Currently, this Beacon must be custom configured by gShift.

The possibilities for comparing, contrasting and reporting on important digital marketing data across channels are endless. This capability provides marketers with a unique view into their data and to be able to draw the desired parallels based on their specific strategies.

What combinations of data are you currently accessing in two different solutions, you wish you could see side-by-side?

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