Beacon Spotlight the 10th – Tracking Real-Time Content Engagement

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When content marketers run campaigns, they need to be able to make quick decisions about what content/messages are working and where. Before they even begin creating or distributing content, successful marketers spend ample time on audience identification and development. gShift put together an informative series of posts and an accompanying infographic on Creating Smarter Content a little while back, which is still well worth the read for those just getting into content marketing. While initial audience development is important, it generally has to give way to adjustments made in-campaign as the audience begins to read, like, share and engage with (click on) the content. Agile content marketers monitor this engagement and adjust their focus based on the insights they are able to gather regarding which content has been clicked on and where it was engaged with. gShift kontextURLs enable this level of monitoring for both off-site and on-site content.  The two data beacons outlined below enable reporting on the same.

kontextURL Geographic Distribution Data

kontextURL Geographic Distribution Data Beacon


Beacon Type – kontextURL

Question Answered – Where in the world, in real-time, is my content being clicked on?

This kontextURL Beacon enables marketers to visualize unique clicks in real-time around the World for selected kontextURLs, Tags or Tag Values and a selected Data Range. Beyond posting a piece of content with a Call to Action and link on a social network like Twitter or Facebook you can see where your message is ultimately being read and gauge whether or not your audience location is as intended, information you may then use to adjust your messaging. Use the Beacon Snapshot feature to capture kontextURL engagement details for presentation/reporting in a PowerPoint or other document format.

Real-Time Click Tracker

kontextURL Real-Time Click Tracker Data Beacon

Beacon Type – kontextURL

Question Answered – When, in real-time, is my content being clicked on?

When a new campaign has been launched and/or content has been distributed, this kontextURL Data Beacon will report on link clicks within 30 seconds of when they occur so you can immediately get a sense as to the volume of engagement your content is garnering. Coupled with the real-time geographic data noted above, you can gauge how your message is spreading and resonating within your target audience. Again, if you aren’t seeing the pickup you’re expecting you can quickly adjust your content, CTA or distribution and continue to monitor the effect.

Both of these Beacons are designed to help marketers make quicker decisions and provide deeper insights into real engagment with their off-site content (not simply Likes and Shares) in the area of the Web we call the Dark Funnel; a marketing blind spot gShift is committed to illuminating via solutions like kontextURLs.  If you’re publishing or distributing content outside of your primary website (which is where most marketers are) let us know how you go about tracking it’s engagement.


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