The 11th Beacon Spotlight – Finding Your Share of Voice

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Every organization, big or small, measures itself against its competition. This being said it’s not always obvious who the competition is, particularly when it comes to the Web. Most, when asked, can easily identify who their competitors are in the “real world”, but are less sure when pressed on who they compete against online. In other words, which websites consistently appear when searching for keywords related to a brand’s products or services and just how much competition exists for any given keyword or group of keywords. Another way to look at visibility and discoverability online is to consider more simply how big a piece of the pie an organization maintains. Some refer to this slice as Share of Voice; what percentage of the addressable market does a brand maintain vs. all competitors and how much traffic can the brand expect from the same.

gShift has created two data beacons to help focus in exactly who the competition is and to understand relative Share of Voice.

Discovered Competitors Beacon

gShift Discovered Competitors Beacon

Beacon Type – Competitive

Question Answered – Who are my online competitors?

This data beacon starts with the selection of a keyword kluster (a group of related keywords) and search engine; then it identifies domains which commonly appear in the search engine results, then scores these domains based on the number of times they appear and their average position/rank. Prospective competitors are displayed and labeled as Strong, Average or Weak. These domains can then be Followed in gShift for further analysis or Ignored if they are deemed not be true or relevant competition. Multiple Beacons can be set up to automatically monitor and analyze large groups of keywords at once across multiple search engines either locally or across geographies.

Competitive Share of Voice Beacon

gShift Competitive Share of Voice Beacon

gShift Competitive Share of Voice Data Beacon

Beacon Type – Competitive

Question(s) Answered – What percentage of organic visibility do I maintain and how much organic traffic should I expect to receive as a result?

The Competitive Share of Voice Beacon is an extension of the Keyword Kluster Visibility Beacon, which also factors in the Average Monthly Search Volume of each keyword within a Kluster to produce a relative Share of Organic Search Visibility vs. selected Competitors displayed on a timeline or in a pie chart. The Share of Voice is expressed both as an Estimated Traffic value and as a percentage vs. selected Competitors. This Beacon can accommodate a Comparison of up to 10 Competitors. This Beacon enables you to both keep an eye on how much organic search traffic you are driving as well as whether or not there are any competitors taking a larger slice of the discoverability pie. If/when this happens, it should be a clear signal to investigate what they may be doing to garner more attention from the search engines i.e. content, backlinks, social activity.

We’d be interested to know how you currently identify and keep track of your online competitors or if you have any additional insights to share on the topic.

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