gShift Strategic Partners

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gShift’s Strategic Partners represent the gShift brand including the software platform and services methodology in defined geographical regions around the world. As digital marketing continues to evolve and advance, digital marketers require a localized representative for SEO, social media and content marketing data, technology and solutions. gShift’s Strategic Partners address this need.

gShift’s Strategic Partners invest into the relationship by committing sales, marketing and support expertise in their defined geographical areas.

Grupo Arión – gShift’s official strategic partner in Mexico & Latin Americalogo_arion_large

Grupo Arión is a group of companies operating in the technology and digital marketing sectors in Mexico and Latin America and with proven experience as a value added reseller for different software products. Grupo Arión is a trusted supplier for SMBs, corporations and government agencies that benefit from its infrastructure and processes to deliver licensing, professional services and support contracts for the different products they represent. Grupo Arión brings hands-on experience on the use of gShift as one of its companies, Prospect Factory, is a power user of the platform.

Gamified Labs – gShift’s official strategic partner in the Middle Eastgl_logo_trans

Gamified Labs is the pioneers of Gamification in the MENA region. Using their proprietary in-house customization platform, they analyze businesses and help them meet internal and external goals through the implementation of game mechanic techniques. These methods have proven to increase customer retention, engagement, and loyalty. Gamified Labs is focused on addressing digital marketing trends in the MENA region and is using the gShift platform to provide insight and data to their clients.

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