The gShift Story

The gShift Story is still being written.

gShift was founded in 2009 by Krista LaRiviere and Chris Adams whose DNA is SEO, content, analytics and software. Their purpose was to bring automation and innovation to the digital marketing tactic of search engine optimization through a software platform powered by big data and predictive analytics.

gShift’s Web Presence Analytics platform now monitors, reports on and provides insights and intelligence for over 10,000 brands in 22 countries.

gShift stands for the shift that Google has created and will continue to create for marketers and businesses. In 2009 Krista and Chris predicted that SEO would evolve into WPO or Web Presence Optimization and that Social Media and Content Marketing would become central to the long-term discoverability of a brand in the search engines.

gShift’s vision is to change the way people monitor, measure and report on brand discoverability in search, social and mobile. Content marketing will continue to be at the core of digital marketing and gShift is committed to bringing to market the innovation marketers require to measure the impact and engagement of content investments across channel and through the sales funnel.