Web Presence Analytics For Agencies

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Hundreds of digital marketing agencies worldwide use gShift’s powerful analytics platform to efficiently analyze and report on the performance of their clients web presence, content marketing, social engagement, and search discoverability.


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White-Label with Your Branding


Private-label URLs, analytics dashboards and reports ensure your agency brand is front and center with your clients. Take advantage of gShift’s all-in-one customizable, branded reporting engine complete with three-tiered architecture.


  • Roll-up reporting
  • Administer your own account
  • Provide client-level analytics access

Measure Content Performance Everywhere


Content marketing performance reporting with metrics from SEO, social, mobile and email guarantee your agency is at the cutting edge of owned and earned digital media services.


  • Track any piece of content, anywhere on the web
  • Monitor your clients competitors
  • Give context to how each channel performs

All-in-One Reporting for Your Clients


Easily generate a complete analytics report on all aspects of a client web presence including search visibility, social engagement, keyword ranking, content performance, email activity, competitor presence, and mobile data.


  • Search, social, mobile, email, and content data
  • Pick and choose the components you want
  • Export in multiple common formats

More Powerful Features


‘Not Provided’ insights for all content addresses encrypted keyword data in an unprecedented way for the SEO industry.


Keyword research from innovative sources assures your agency is producing smart content for the target audience.


Multilingual reporting and data makes you competitive in any market.


Project management, time tracking, template recommendations and reporting enhances the productivity of your services team.


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