Social Keyword Research Module

Mine The Insights of Twitter

gShift offers the Social Keyword Research module within its SoLoMo Bundle. Brands want to be discovered by their target audiences in search and social at the appropriate time. Being discovered takes engaging content. Engaging content is created from keywords being used in conversations.

As an agency or brand you can now source and research the best keywords and hashtags that are trending on Twitter, all within the gShift Platform. Mining Twitter will give your content the boost and edge it needs.

On average, there are 58 million Tweets performed every single day. Not only does that number represent a great deal of relevant conversation, it is a great source of keyword data! If a Tweet on average only lives for 18 minutes, there is a big chance you are scrambling to not lose all that keyword data.

Using Twitter for keyword research, to help understand “the conversations” that are happening now, will in turn help inform the content marketing workflow process to create more engaging content.

gShift reports on 5 important social keyword research metrics that inform the content marketing workflow:

  1. Frequency of Conversations for a keyword.
  2. Influencers of a keyword.
  3. Hashtags used in association with a keyword.
  4. Associated Terms used with a keyword.
  5. Related content for a keyword.
gShift Social Keyword Research Module

In addition to gShift’s proprietary mobile traffic analytics, keyword metrics, social signals and backlinks, the Social Keyword Research module provides competitive intelligence and insights to ensure your content is massively discovered.

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