Digital Marketing Services

gShift’s Digital Services Team is here to make your life simple.

Simplicity of delivery is how we think, we’re here to be part of your delivery team in whatever role you need.

Some clients ask for turn key services, others are very clear on the role they wish to play and ask that we fill in the holes, while others want to do everything but need time for training and transitioning.

Our Digital Marketing Strategists work with clients to create and deploy digital marketing efforts based on solid SEO fundamentals, engaging social tactics and powerful content marketing to elevate brand discoverability to build relevance and trust with their customers.

Digital marketing success relies on better data and better analysis to intelligently inform strategy and tactics. We utilize a data-driven approach, backed by the gShift Web Presence Analytics Platform, to create more powerful and effective search, social and content marketing.

Our product suite covers the entire range of digital optimization, including:

  • Site audit execution and repair
  • Keyword research and content abstracts thru to content creation and optimization
  • Competitive insights and positioning with keywords and back linking strategy
  • Local relevance; citations and localized directory support
  • Social roles including content, community manager
  • SEO strategic & architectural insights on web rebuilds
  • Influencer Marketing Services; influencer identification, strategy, campaign building, and measurement

We have designed our services to address the many parts our gShift’s Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization Methodology. This includes initial research, technical foundations, social foundations, smarter content marketing, distribution and ultimately measurement and ROI. Learn more about the Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization.