Backlink Metrics and Insights

Backlinks continue to be important to your overall web presence strategy. There are old school and new school backlinking techniques and it is important that brands are aware of this.  Good backlinks help search engines like Google determine relevance of your website.  “Backlink diversity” is also important.

Backlink Metrics and Insights include:

  • Backlink Counts including breakdown of links from domains, competitors and external pages that you are following.
  • Backlink Value analysis including the analysis of the anchor text, and Authority of domain.
  • Backlink Content analysis including anchor text and destination page analysis.
  • Page-Level backlink and anchor text metrics.
  • Ability to view newly discovered backlinks.
  • Backlink Validation: gShift validates your backlinks every 30-60 days and will show any expired links
  • Google Analytics connection support. gShift crawls all referring URLs on a daily basis for new backlinks.
  • Recommendations on how you might optimize existing backlinks and what to focus on when creating new ones.