Integration Partners

gShift’s Web Presence Analytics platform is integrated at the data, workflow, and reporting levels with digital marketing platforms and data sources that add value to the SEO, social media and content marketing process.

Google Analytics Data in Context with Web Presence Metrics

gShift is an Authorized Google Analytics Integration Partner. gShift pulls in your Google Analytics data and overlays it with other valuable SEO data to make sense of what’s happening on your site, trends over time, conversion rates, and local/mobile usage data.

Deeper Analytics with Google Search Console

gShift’s Google’s webmaster tools integration will give you some additional statistical data about your traffic, keywords, geolocation traffic, and insight into pages visited from search. It will also show your indexed pages count, which search keywords are most significant for your site, error messages and other information about how Google is indexing your site.

bing Ranking & Backlink Data Sourcing

gShift sources backlink and keyword ranking data from bing Webmaster tools. bing powers Yahoo search as well so use of this data provides insights for both popular search engines.

More Accurate Lead Scoring with HubSpot and gShift.

gShift’s HubSpot integration enables kontextURL click information to be sent to HubSpot for integration with existing on-site pageviews and contact lead scoring. With kontextURLs ability to generate engagement for off-site content, the HubSpot users can now see 3rd party off-site engagement in the exact same way they see and score on-site content engagement.

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Content Optimization via NLP

Using IBM Watson’s Natural Language Understanding technology, gShift analyzes each Destination URL to identify the title and most prominent keywords associated with content. gShift then obtains and provides the average monthly search volume for each keyword identified in order to help further qualify their importance. Marketers can use this information to determine how to best optimize the content or to ensure subsequent social posts or complementary content are consistent in order to build keyword authority for organic search.

Social Media Integrations

gShift tracks network-level and page-level social signals such as likes, shares and hashtag tracking intelligence from the following social media channels.