How does the gShift Web Presence Analytics Software work?


gShift’s Software as a Service (Saas) platform collects millions of data points for your entire web presence. We do this at the content level on a daily basis. Your brand’s web presence and its digital footprint is defined by the content representing the brand and can be discovered by your audience in the search engines, social media and beyond.


gShift’s proprietary algorithms collect, store and display this data for the purpose of benchmarking the web presence in an owned and earned digital marketing strategy, then reporting on the progress and expansion of the digital footprint as the web presence optimization strategy is executed on.


Some of the data points gShift tracks, collects and adds intelligence to include: content marketing and keyword data from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube, Baidu and Yandex; social signal data from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, G+ and Pinterest; backlink data from across the web; analytics data and mobile discoverability data. We then transform this big data set in our dashboards into intelligent insights in order to understand where the opportunities are to optimize an existing inventory of data as well as how to create smarter content.


Owned and earned digital marketing teams can more effectively collaborate with gShift’s workflow engine and automated reporting.


The outcome of using gShift is threefold:


1. Realtime insight into the status of a brand’s owned and earned web presence.
2. The ability to make smarter content marketing decisions from creation through to publishing.
3. Ease of customizable, comparative reporting across digital marketing channels.


Contact us today to talk about how our data insights and intelligence can help focus digital marketing decisions for more effective brand discoverability in search, social and mobile channels.