Content Performance Campaign and Reporting Module

Content is being continually judged by customers and major search engines based on many factors, including freshness, relevance, social signals and more. It is imperative to have the rights tools to monitor and analyze the performance of your content in order to make informed decisions on what content will generate the greatest benefits.

gShift’s new module monitors content performance across all facets of web presence including websites, blogs, social channels, email (including Constant Contact data for clients who maintain dual accounts) and search. Data is compiled and organized to provide detailed reports on how content is performing in terms of conversion rates, SEO impact, engagement, and social activity.

Content-Marketing-Performance-DataThis analysis equips brands and agencies with the information necessary to connect ROI back to specific content marketing actions and develop more effective content marketing strategies.

The Content Performance Campaign Report includes:

One Dashboard – Know how your content is performing, drill down into the detailed content metrics individually or by group filtered by themes, campaigns, time periods and more.

Power Reporting – Generate detailed impact reports on the performance of a series of content or individual content pieces, to provide monthly, quarterly or annual analysis of impact.

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