Web Presence Analytics Software Platform

gShift’s Web Presence Analytics software platform is the most powerful blend of Search (SEO), Social Media, Mobile and Content Marketing metrics on the planet. gShift lives at the data intersection of search, social and mobile, giving marketers the most informed outlook on their earned and owned digital marketing investments.

Our deep knowledge and historical background on data for search engine optimization at the content level provides digital marketing agencies and brands with unique insight into how content is performing in search engines and social media.

Daily, page-level intelligence from keywords, social signals, backlinks and analytics from an international, local and mobile perspective helps agencies and brands understand content performance and where the opportunities are to optimize existing content for enhanced discoverability.

Value Deliver

gShift offers unique Web Presence Analytics and Reporting solutions for both Agencies and Brands.

Digital Marketing Agencies and PR Agencies utilize gShift’s complete analytics solution to manage client web presence, inform digital strategy, and report on performance.

Brand Marketers of all levels & disciplines including CMO, Search Marketers, Social Media Marketers, and Content Marketers take advantage of gShift’s powerful data, analysis and reporting tools to build and maintain a competitive advantage.

Further discover gShift’s unique data and features for SEO Management and Content Marketing Performance or contact sales today to discuss your specific needs.