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There are two tiers to Agency Branding:
1. White Label
2. Private Label

1. Agency Branding: White Label

This preliminary tier gives you control over all branding aspects of the gShift user interface, including the following design and layout elements:

  • Logo on the login screen, dashboards and reports
  •  Footer content
  •  Welcome message content
  •  Ability to remove or control the Support link, Terms of Service, Copyright, and Powered By in report footer
  •  Secondary and tertiary color choices on the dashboards and within emails

2. Agency Branding: Private Label

Private Label is the advanced tier of Agency Branding, which gives you access to all the features available in White Label, plus allows you to select your own URL for login purposes as well as outbound system emails. Your domain will still be hosted under Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

For example your login URL could be:, and your From email address for reports, passwords and client communications could be:

Learn more about our Agency Partner Program benefits, or contact Danielle Carty, Director Channel Sales at 1-866-743-5960 to get started!

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