Secure Search (Not Provided) Insight

Is your top performing keyword (Not Provided)? If so, you’re not alone.

gShift takes multiple variables into consideration in determining not provided keywords. Once analyzed, gShift’s Not Provided intelligence engine calculates the results to identify the key search words used in accessing each page of a company’s website.

gShift Secure Search (Not Provided) Solution

gShift’s Not Provided solution provides real-time content level metrics on a daily basis. Because multiple keywords can be assigned per web page, marketers are also able to access the number of potential entrants coming to a specific web page through a secure search based on the page’s position in Google.

gShift’s focus is on decoding secure searches for medium-sized businesses across the country and around the world. Our Not Provided solution is a cost-effective way for marketers to continue to make timely decisions from their SEO data. Decisions that will lead to smarter content marketing and ultimately enhanced discoverability of their brand in search and social.

gShift’s Web Presence Optimizer™ automates this process, with all the SEO data required to put this picture together for you. This saves you the time of creating filters and advanced segments as well as trying to correlate that data with how those pages are being ranked.

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