Mastering SmartURLs:
A Content Marketer’s Guide to Tracking Off-Site Content

SEO and Content Optimization Platform

At gShift, we make life easier for digital marketers to connect with their audience.

The customer journey has changed.

Many brands and agencies are adapting their SEO, social and content marketing to join the conversations, but without full insight into the data to inform and monitor the performance throughout their web presence.

Our platform gives you the tools to answer those questions and make data-driven decisions.

Learn how we can help you optimize and shape your customer’s journey through hyper-level analytics. Gain visibility into the engagement of your content both onsite and offsite, by channel and by influencer.

gShift's SEO software platform in action

SEO Platform

As the foundation of our platform, our SEO software enables marketers and agencies to optimize onsite and external content to improve content discoverability in search and social.

gShift SEO strengths reside in:

Keyword and content research, global/local/mobile visibility, competitive insights and configurable seo reporting.

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Shed some light on your content with kontextURLs


kontextURLs enable content creators to easily tag and build the world’s smartest and most powerful URLs.

They enable tracking of all on-site and external content allowing you to create analytic events and incorporate those into your analytics platform.

kontextURLs optimize and measure engagement, providing you actionable insights on customer conversations throughout their journey.

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Your own personal Website audit checklist

Website Audit

Our Site Audit technology is simple to use and enables you to quickly analyze and prioritize items such as title tags, headings or duplicate content.

Website Audit highlights which items may need the most attention in order to improve search engine ranking and visibility.

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Customize data widgets and dashboards for the gShift Platform

Data Beacons

Data beacons activate and simplify big data, giving you the capability to fully measure your customer engagement, by leveraging data from any source.

Actionable insights and metrics can be aligned to various roles in your organization.

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